US should know the distinction between their blogger culture and our crisis

29 April 2016 Editorial Desk

US Ambassador Marcia Bernicat's comments that killers are getting away with murders which she made after meeting with Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Wednesday is not something new. But the US government's reaction to the killing of USAID official and LGBT magazine editor Xulhaz and his friend Tonoy is understood as he was also a former protocol officer of Bernicat's predecessor Dan W Mozena and popular to Embassy employees. We must say that the US Envoy's loud reaction on killing of Rajshahi University Professor Rezaul Karim Siddiquee has equally echoed the sentiment of the peace-loving people of Bangladesh. These are barbaric killings and everybody support her call that the government must come out of the culture of impunity. Secretary of State John Kerry's personal condolence and praise for Xulhaz Mannan that he was 'embodying the spirit of Bangladesh' and US State Department spokesman's characterisation that he was a 'courageous advocate for LGBT rights' which is known as homosexuality, equally speaks of the US government anger that follows the twin killing.  Although Bangladesh is totally opposed to homosexuality in the society instead of the fact that it embodies the spirit of the nation, we can't tolerate the killings; it is awful and killers must be punished. It is our belief that the US government does not care to know the reality in Bangladesh. Our government should know more about the bloggers if they are working to serve a foreign agenda to create unnecessary crisis. The USA is not eager to distinguish between their culture of gay political crisis. It is a shame. Violence and lawlessness in Bangladesh are linked every way with bureaucratic police, abuse of power for corruption and a sense of political impunity among few connected with the government. For public the police discipline and efficiency are badly affected. Otherwise we would have an efficient and smart police force to better serve the people. It is admitted that we have no politics and political opposition. BNP is a family party and not a political party with any political commitment. That makes people more helpless.

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