US committed to grow trade and security partnership with India

19 April 2014

PTI, Washington :
The US is working with India to increase the bilateral trade to USD 500 billion a year, and is committed to a partnership that includes a strong and influential India in the security realm, a top US official said.
"The United States is committed to growing the trade and investment ties between our two countries. We want to grow trade to USD 500 billion a year," the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Nisha Desai Biswal Wednesday said in her address to the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University in Boston.
Asserting that there is no question that India's economic success is vital to achieving the strategic aims that the leaders of the two countries have laid out, Biswal said, "In that vein, we pledge to look forward, and not dwell on the past. "For instance, the Bilateral Investment Treaty when completed will bring even greater investment and innovation to India and stronger partnerships between the two private sectors.
"We are revolutionizing the way we discuss climate change issues, through bilateral cooperation in forestry, adaptation, clean and renewable energy, and on HFCs through the creation of the Climate Change Working Group," she said.
"We are looking to partner with India on key global challenges, like preserving our oceans.
We are connecting researchers and students at our universities, including Harvard's School of Public Health and St John's Research Institute in Bangalore so that they can together tackle global challenges such as malnutrition and food insecurity," she said.
"We are working with India, through the Energy Dialogue, to increase energy access, share best practices, and conduct joint research on clean and renewable energy and energy efficiency; and we're partnering with India for the 2014 Tech Summit and Expo, a banner event that will bring together higher education, industry, policy makers, researchers to engage in policy discussions and explore increased collaboration," she added.
Talking about the partnership that includes a strong and influential India in the security realm she said, "United States has not only expanded its interaction and deliberations with India on a wide range of regional and global security issues, it is working overtime to a stronger co-production and co-development relationship in the defense sector".
"Spanning the last decade, we have made significant progress in helping India modernise its armed forces and in expanding joint exercises that enhance regional security," Biswal said.
She added,"today we are proud to have a growing track record of notable defence sales, including, most recently, the C-17 and C-130J transport aircraft, and the P-8I maritime surveillance aircraft,".
"With many more projects in the pipeline that will provide top-end equipment and capabilities to our Indian partners, we are firmly committed to a stronger co-production and co-development relationship, meeting our collective security needs and reducing costs," Biswal said. She also said America's security engagement with India is a central element of the broad India-US strategic partnership.
"That's why we are committed to a partnership that includes a strong and influential India in the security realm. Why?  Because it can contribute to the stability of the Indian Ocean region. We remain committed to working with India as we develop a joint approach security in the Indo-Pacific," she said.

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