Niha’s checkmates in beginning year

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Not everyone is lucky enough to enter the world of acting.
But in the case of Naznin Nahar Niha, the new actress of this
generation, the matter is exactly like that. She made her debut
in the world of acting on Valentine’s Day this year and at the end of the year, Niha is in the discussion for her excellent
performance in Mizanur Rahman Aryan’s drama titled
‘Hridoye Hridoy’.
On this year’s Valentine’s Day, Niha enthralled the audience by acting opposite Jovan in the drama titled ‘Love Semester’ directed by Prabir Roy Chowdhury.
After that one by one, Niha played four dramas of Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Raz’s ‘Anurag’, Mahmudur Rahman Heme’s ‘Sweet Problem’, Miftah Anan’s ‘My Dear Leader’, and Mizanur Rahman Aryan’s ‘Hridoye Hridoy’, which came to the promotion and the actress checkmated.
However, there are two good story based dramas starring Niha which are waiting for airing. One is ‘Ekbar Bolo Bhalobasi’, directed by Miftah Anaan, and another is ‘Beiman’, directed by Atiq Sajib.
However, out of the five dramas aired, Niha was able to perform better than in the first drama i.e. ‘Love Semester’.
It can be said that in about a year, Niha turned herself into acting to some extent and tried to present herself more fluently in Mizanur Rahman Aryan’s drama ‘Hridoye Hridoy’.
In a word, opposite to Jovan, Niha acted properly from the beginning to the end of this drama, maintaining a sense of moderation in the character. For this reason, she is getting overwhelming response for acting in this drama.
Even before the drama ‘Hridoye Hridoy’, Niha played outstandingly well in the role of a school girl opposite Farhan in the drama ‘My Dear Love’.
All dramas were discussed throughout the year.
Again as a newbie actress in the first year of discussion, Niha was awarded the first award of her life as a popular newcomer actress in the ‘BABISAS’ award.
Niha’s dream is to be a good actress. While talking in this regard, she told this correspondent, “Infinite gratitude to Almighty Allah that in a very short period of time I am from the audience of all over Bangladesh for my dramas. I got more response from the Bengali speaking audience. I am grateful to the makers, co-stars and crew of each of my dramas. My dream is to be an actress. I have a dream to do business as well. I want everyone’s prayers. And my friend Raya Khan and my parents always give me inspiration.”
Niha has already worked as a model in two different advertisements of GrameenPhone (GP) and Pran.
Also, Niha impressed the audience to perform as a model in Imran’s song titled ‘Ore Jaan’.