NRBC Bank empowers rural entrepreneurs in Gaibandha


Staff Reporter :
NRBC Bank is spearheading efforts to uplift disadvantaged communities residing in Chars and Haor areas through its comprehensive financial services.
In a bid to foster entrepreneurship and economic empowerment, the bank has adopted a groundbreaking approach by extending loans to individuals in these areas without requiring collateral. The initiative has been taken to nurture a culture of entrepreneurship and self-reliance among the local populace.
Moreover, NRBC Bank has taken a significant stride towards financial inclusivity by offering a range of banking services free of charge, with a nominal account balance requirement of Tk10.
A recent ceremony held in Gaibandha saw the distribution of loan cheques to 16 female entrepreneurs, marking a pivotal moment in their journey towards economic independence.
The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including high-ranking officials from Bangladesh Bank, NRBC Bank Chairman Parvez Tamal, Micro Finance Unit Head Md. Ramjan Ali Bhuyan, and CARE Bangladesh’s Chairman of the Friendship Project, Marc Nosbach.
The recipients of the loans, comprising women such as Monika Rani, Mina Begum, Farnashi Begum, and others, each received a loan of Tk 50,000, empowering them to embark on various entrepreneurial ventures and contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities.
Abul Bashar, Executive Director of Bangladesh Bank, said that the national imperative of ensuring universal access to financial services by 2026, in line with policy directives. Bangladesh Bank’s concerted efforts have led to the opening of nearly 1 crore accounts, with initiatives such as facilitating account openings for a mere Tk 10, thereby reducing complexities and promoting financial inclusion.
Commending NRBC Bank’s laudable initiative of disbursing small loans without collateral in rural areas, Bashar emphasised the importance of local-level economic inclusion initiatives to uplift marginalised communities. He emphasised the pivotal role of banks in leveraging their resources to drive rural development and empower women.
Parvez Tamal, Chairman of NRBC Bank, reiterated the institution’s steadfast dedication to the betterment of rural communities, emphasising the ease of accessing banking services through the opening of accounts with a nominal fee of Tk 10. He underscored NRBC Bank’s comprehensive approach to rural development, focusing on uplifting villages and empowering women, thereby fostering sustainable socio-economic growth at the grassroots level.
Highlighting NRBC Bank’s initiative of providing small interest loans without collateral, Tamal emphasised the bank’s role in creating employment opportunities for rural residents. He revealed that NRBC Bank has already extended loans to 88 thousand small entrepreneurs nationwide, contributing significantly to economic empowerment and livelihood enhancement.
Mark Nosbach, Chairman of CARE Bangladesh, commended NRBC Bank’s efforts in reaching out to service-seekers in every household with essential banking services. He stressed the importance of enhancing the economic capacity of women and simplifying financial access and inclusion.

Nosbach emphasised the need for banks to adopt a more village-centric approach to uplift middle-income Bangladeshis. He lauded NRBC Bank’s economic inclusion activities, which have resulted in increased savings and income-generating opportunities for rural communities.
During the event, it was disclosed that under the financial inclusion programme, NRBC Bank is extending banking services to the impoverished populace residing in remote Haor and Char areas of the country. These marginalised individuals are provided with the opportunity to open accounts for just Tk 10, with savings and loan facilities offered at no additional cost.
The impact of NRBC Bank’s initiatives was highlighted, with 1300 individuals depositing Tk 39 crores in the bank, while 105 small entrepreneurs availed loans totaling Tk 52.5 lakhs.
The day-long celebration programme was organised in Gaibandha for the beneficiaries of CARE Bangladesh’s Friendship Programme, wherein four bank stalls, including NRBC Bank, were set up to directly distribute loans to customers.