Nusrat’sMehedi’ is a touch of class


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The pandemic has disrupted our lives mostly in an unsettling way but we can’t deny that every dark cloud has a silver lining. If you have not been into entrepreneurial endeavours then perhaps you have unnoticeably gone past many inspiring stories that changed people’s life. You’re allowed to frown in wonder so let’s take a stroll into such a stimulating tale of NusratJahan Sonia. Maybe you’ve responded to many wedding bells of cousins and friends in this long academic pause, and beheld beautiful brides in their mesmerizing looks! Maybe you were dumbfounded seeing your beautiful cousin’s mehndi makeover! Who knows that might be from Nusratjahan’s expertise!

Nusrat kicked off her mehndi makeover expedition out of passion in 2014 disregarding the economic purpose but soon she discerned the demand and moment of her beautiful artworks over skins. She then made no mistake to launch her social media page which is known as ‘ NusratMehndi and fashion buzz’. And guess what? Her makeovers stirred a buzz amongst youth and old that resulted in opening up a shop in fortune shopping mall, named ‘ Stylish collection ‘. Starting it as a pastime now she thrives as a mehndi makeover artist which is seemingly worthy of appreciation, said a press release.


Her impressive makeover is now popular for bridal mehndi, non-bridal mehndi, and many other perspectives. Talking about her journey she lets us know that it hadn’t been facile being where she is today! She divulged that she’d done so many successful events throughout her passionate journey. She has worked in so many bridal makeovers, mehndi fairs, mehndi events and even in national trade fairs! She has left her outwitted touch of class wherever she went on. Nusrat not only contracted random jobs but also did feature some celebrities who had gilded their hands and toes coming across her. It surely adds value and muse to her passion.

Nusrat’sfacebook page has bagged 26k+ likes and substantial audiences from time to time that now is soaring high like a mountain. She is well-mannered and respects her audience’s choices which makes her a wonderful soul too—perceiving the augmented demand from the customers Nusrat now also sells some complementary items like eucalyptus oils, mehndi powders etc. She now takes orders and contracts through social media and mobile. Some of her biggest events got tagged in Westin which was occasioned for ‘Women’s day’. She also had an event in le meridian which was due to ‘ Valentine’s day’. Nusrat surely has set her path right to the course of success someday! All the big events that she’d been working on definitely substantiate her calibre and credence.

We are as enchanted as you’re right now to hear more about her. We’ll let you slide into another astonishment that all her work is single-handedly done by her. This illustrates the incredible patience that she harbours in herself! These artworks take quite a long time to be done with. Asking about what she told us, she likes to do it by herself as an epitome of dedication and love for the passion she inherits! Nusrat’s tenacity and fascination for her budding mehndi business instil an ardour towards like-minded people for standing up their ground. Nusrat aims to be a global face hanging onto her enthusiasm someday. She wishes to be a famed mehndi artist worldwide and wants to work overseas. Getting paid for pursuing your own passion is the most wondrous thing. Nusrat believes in it so should you!