Of the group by the group and for the group is not for orderly change

The government is in a broken state although it cannot see it being surrounded by incompetent sycophants. Those of our people suffer injustices of a miserable life except the few corrupt ones. All predictions are for harsher life and bitter conflict lie ahead. The government is in a thoughtless inertia.

Under the government of a particular group for a particular group the general public are the victims of being left out to suffer as if they are not part of the same state or think the same good life.

Selfishness of group mentality is that whatever are the achievements of Bangladesh they have achieved. The harm they have done must remain buried in lies. Democracy-denied Bangladesh cannot be the people’s Bangladesh.

There exists sharp discrimination and inequities between the group in power and the general public. In their view only true Bangladeshis are those who fled the country along with leaders when Pakistan attacked us for death and destruction.

The deprived and distrusted people are foaming in anger but circumstances are such fearful that they have no choice but to suffer in an ignominious silence. But anger is growing. When fear is broken an avalanche will follow.

Indifference to action among our educated people has made everything look calm and quiet on the surface. Mass violence is the only alternative but the government is sure of their gun power. Nothing sensible will be heeded for peacefully living together. Or improving the quality of life. To them, government is theirs and they have the monopoly to remain in power.

They became revolutionary while passing their days in India. The popular elections have been reduced to a farce to make the government not to depend on the people. We have the government that dreads anything like free election or voice of dissent. Thus the system survives through repression leaving no room for reconciliation. They have the monopoly to remain in power. The elections are bluff for a democratic veneer of the government. High prices of essential items are beyond the reach of many but the government is unable to put a damper for the reason that the market is manipulated by their own men. Public misery does not worry them because their world of paradise is above the law and above accountability to the people.

The government is taking everything from the people and yet create pressure on the Board of Revenue to collect more. It is like saying those who have nothing can give everything.
There is no politics of self-sacrifice. Money making business is the new definition of politics. How many of them extorted public money to become billionaires are not totally unknown to the people. Their illegal money is no good for the country and has been kept in various other countries hoping to live in undisturbed luxury abroad. This dream may become a nightmare of losing everything and suffering in foreign jails.


Lakhs of people leave their families and their country for the drudgery of working as labour under the cruelty of foreign masters. We are not ashamed. We have no anxiety to create jobs for the unemployed.

The government is publishing costly advertisements in foreign press to invite foreign investors. But our local honest investors are not getting the cooperation needed because they are not one of them. Unless he is a group member or a lackey all sorts of excuses were raised by banks to refuse loans for investment. Though the deed is properly registered and no dispute exist it is not satisfactory to the bank. But if he is one of them, and a right telephone call is made, obtaining the loan is no problem. No security is necessary or false documents are good documents.

Both sides know about the uncertainty of realising the bank loan so given. Both sides are benefited. Nothing can deter him if this money goes to different countries by money laundering.
With our money illegally obtained many ‘lucky’ ones are doing rich businesses in other countries. It is also alleged that one of the richest men in Singapore is a Bangladeshi for the generosity of our banks.

We certainly want free election but we can have it only with direct outside help and our purpose will be to extricate the nation from the shackles of political business. Conditions have to be created for self-less politicians to come forward for lasting democracy.

After seeing the brutalities of communist regime of President Putin in Ukraine, democracy must be helped by the free world for building a peaceful world order. Reckless butchering of civilians and forcing millions to flee Ukraine is a nightmarish lesson against dictatorship. The whole world is shocked and shamed by seeing how inhuman and destructive dictatorships could be.

The free world must act strongly to make the world safe for democracy.