Panic grips godfathers after arrest of JL leader Tinu in Chattogram

Chattogram Bureau :
In Chattogram, panic has spread among the controlling godfathers of several teenage gangs after the arrest of Juba League leader Nur Mostafa Tinu by RAB recently. The people of Chowkbazar area have heaved sigh of relief , locals added.
Panic spread in Chattogram after a purification campaign started in Dhaka against Chhatra League and Jubo League.
RAB arrested Jubo League leader Tinu with weapons after conducting a raid operation in Chawkbazar area of the city recently.
Tinu along with an associate named Jasim Uddin was detained by the RAB from the residence of Shulokbahar area. After his arrest, illegal shotguns, foreign pistols and 72 rounds were recovered from his residence.
Immediately after the arrest of Tinu, the rulers of teenage gangs have inactivated them. According to information available, there are more than 20 teenage gangs are currently active in Chattogram city. The controllers of these gangs has identifies themselves as Jubo League leader.
Through these gangs, four murders have occurred in the city in the last one year, and extortion, terrorist activities, robbery, incidents are taking place randomly. Chattogram city police conducted a series of campaigns to control these gangs, but they failed to get hundred percent success because of those so called political leaders.
But now the ongoing purification campaign under the direction of the Prime Minister has spread panic among the gang controllers. Recently at an event in Chattogram, information minister Hasan Mahmood has said that operations will also be launched in Chattogram against terrorism. No political identity will be considered, he added.