Parsha Mahjabeen in acting, music


Sheikh Arif Bulbon  :
Last Valentine’s Day, a special Valentine’s Day special drama titled ‘Love Line,’ directed by Prabir Roy Chowdhury, was released on YouTube. Parsha won a lot of praise by acting as a new actress with Jovan and Niha in this drama.
The drama is now constantly enjoying by the audience.
In the drama, Jovan and Niha’s performances as well as Parsha’s performance is being appreciated.
But Parsha is basically a musician. In 2017, she participated in Channel i ‘Sherakontho’ competition.
She has released two original songs. Those two songs have impressed the audience.
One of the two songs is ‘Prothom Premer Gaan’. This song is written and
composed and also sung by Polash Shakil with Parsha.
Another song is ‘Jani Tumio’. This song is directed by Rafat Majumdar Rinku from drama ‘Je Prem Esechhilo’. The song is penned by Robiul Islam Jibon, composed by Minhaj Jewel and Rafiq. Yash Rohan and Totini acted in the drama.
Parsha is getting great response for these two songs.
Parsha’s full name is Parsha Mahjabeen Purnee. Today is her birthday. Although she
has no special plans for her birthday, this artiste hopes to spend the day well. In fact, that’s what she expects.
Parsha asked everyone for blessings on her birthday.
Is there any news of the new drama? In response to this question Parsha told this correspondent, “Right now I am very busy with my studies. That’s why there is no opportunity to work in any new drama. But if I get a good story, I will find time to work on a new drama. On my birthday, I want everyone to pray that I can sing and act with my heart.”
Parsha learned music in her childhood from her mother Moushumi. The mother had that dream about her daughter because the mother’s dream was not fulfiled. Parsha has been able to fulfil her mother’s dream to some extent.
After that, she learned music from Abdul Awal of Bogura for a decade since childhood. Parsha said that she is working on some new songs. These songs will be released soon.