Partha Barua’s new song ‘Binimoy’ at live recording

Entertainment Report :
Sometimes bands, sometimes original songs, sometimes music arrangements – all in all he spends his time busy with music Partha Barua.
This popular singer and composer, Partha Barua, has released a new song titled ‘Binimoy’.
The song, written by Rashid Khan and composed by the singer himself, was recorded live and simultaneously released on his social media handles and YouTube on Tuesday.
Partha Barua said that although live recording of songs is a new concept for him, they prepared and rehearsed for more than 15 days to bring about a flawless recording.
While talking in this regard, the singer said, “We are living in a digital era, and we, musicians, have to adapt to it. With that thought in mind, we brought this song to our audience live. All the musicians and technicians did a great job, and I hope the audience will like the song.”
Partha Barua is currently busy with many musical projects.
He told this correspondent, “To commemorate the 50-year anniversary of our band, Souls, we are releasing 50 of our songs soon. I am currently occupied with it now.”