Alampur-Masura Road caves in: People suffer for under-construction canal


Sylhet Bureau :

North Alampur-Masura road is the only road for nearly half a million people of Badepasha union of Golapganj upazila in the Sylhet district.

This road of about 3 km is on the verge of disappearing due to the collapse of a canal which existed for about 3 generations.

The authorities did not budge even though the local people held various programs including human chain and giving memorandums to different offices for the renovation and paving of this road.

In the end, the local people took the initiative to save the existence of the road.

They have started the soil filling work with the financial support of various rich people in the area.

It is also known that Upazila Chairman Manjur Qadir Shafi Chowdhury Elim has contributed Tk 2 lakh in this soil filling work.

However, the temporary existence of the road is saved by filling this soil, but for a permanent solution, the local residents have demanded government allocation to pave the road.


On the afternoon of Sunday, February 5, it was seen that soil filling work is going on in the road.

Meanwhile, Keotkona village teacher Lutfur Rahman said that for a long time we have been making various efforts to repair this road.

Local people have carried out various programs to improve this road but to no avail.

The road was almost on the verge of collapse.

Finally, with the initiative of some people in the area and the financial support of expatriates, the road filling work has started.

But it is not a permanent solution.

We are demanding a large allocation from the government to solve the road problem permanently to all concerned including local people representatives so that the road is paved or brick soling.