People worried over India’s interference in Bangladesh’s election: BNP

Staff Reporter :
The main opposition party-BNP- on Friday accused the neighboring India of interfering in Bangaldesh’s national election as like the previous three general polls and saying that the people of Bangladesh are worried over the issue.

“Meetings have been taken place in Delhi over the Bangladesh’s next election. It is like just snatching the chances of fixing the fate of Bangladeshi people.

The people of Bangladesh are worried over the matter,” BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said it at a virtual press briefing.

He said the Indian diplomats are delivering speeches in Dhaka in favour of the ‘fake’ and lopsided election in Bangladesh which most of the political parties including the BNP have boycotted.

Meanwhile, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi along with the party leaders and activists distributed leaflets among the people in the capital’s Uttara area urging them to boycott the next election.

The BNP leader alleged that the foreign ministry has taken an anti-people stance with its statement on social media accusing opposition parties of obstructing the upcoming election slated for January 7.

Talking to reporters after distributing leaflets in the capital’s Uttara area, Rizvi also alleged that the ministry has been playing a role in favour of a unilateral election.

He said the foreign ministry is campaigning on social media that the BNP and its allies are obstructing the elections in Bangladesh and they have stepped up their efforts to enforce the blockade to achieve their goals.


“The foreign ministry’s statement on social media is not correct. It has now become clear to the democratic world that a lopsided election is going to be held in Bangladesh.

In this situation, the foreign ministry has taken the role of the new Razakar by standing against the people,” the BNP leader said.

He also said the foreign ministry is also working as a collaborator of the
government with a stance against a free, fair, transparent, and participatory election in the country. “It is an anti-people move. We strongly condemn such activities of the foreign ministry.”

Rizvi claimed that 63 political parties and the majority of the people of Bangladesh have boycotted the one-sided dummy election. “They also rejected the election”.

He also accused the government of taking a stance against the people with its efforts to snatch people’s right to vote by holding a one-sided election using the state machinery.

The BNP leader said the government has created a frightening situation in the country by arresting, jailing, and implicating the opposition leaders and workers in false cases after carrying out a crackdown on them only to stage a game in the name of election.

Calling upon the country’s people to boycott the forthcoming national polls, he said the results of the stage-managed election have already been prepared in the Ganabhaban.

Earlier on Wednesday, the BNP announced a “non-cooperation movement” against the government and urged the people of the country to boycott the January 7, 2024 election.