Planned urbanisation initiatives in Kulaura municipality

Mayor Principal Sipar Uddin Ahmad recently visits Mara Gugali Canal excavated under Water Development Board.

Moulvibazar Correspondent :

The work of implementing the planned urban development has been undertaken in Kulaura municipality. Roads are being constructed on both banks of the river by digging the dead Gugali canal that flows through the city to alleviate the housing crisis and waterlogging. And the residents of the city hope that the problem of housing, traffic congestion and waterlogging will be removed as a result of digging the canal and building the road.
It is known that on December 12, 1996, Kulaura city was declared a municipality. Gradually progressed from C-grade to B-grade and after twenty years to A-grade although the grade has been improved, there has been no improvement as desired by the municipality in the past days. No civic benefits have increased. According to the 2001 census, Kulaura municipality with an area of 10.5 square kilometers had a population of 20 thousand 934 people. Among them 10 thousand 938 women and men
9 thousand 996 people 3 thousand 902 families live in the municipality. But all these are on paper. According to the latest municipal election data of 2021, the total number of voters in Kulaura municipality is 20 thousand 759. And the population has increased from thousands to millions. Although the population increased, the area did not increase. As a result, the housing crisis has become evident.
According to Kulaura Municipality sources, the long waterlogging in the 8th, 5th, 4th and 1st ward areas of the municipality has been resolved due to digging of three and a half kilometers of Mara Gugali canal, which has been neglected for 50 years at a cost of 60 lakh Tk. The canal starts from the eastern railway area of Kulaura municipality and flows through the Guptagram-Maintam area of Kadipur union where the water of Mara Gugali joins Hakaluki Haor.
The municipal engineer Kamrul Islam said that besides the drainage construction work of the municipality, the work of digging canals and rivers flowing through the municipality is going on. This will eliminate the waterlogging of the city. The promises of the pre-planned city will also be implemented. Except Uchlapara and Mansoor areas, large areas are still agricultural land due to lack of roads. Only if roads are built on both banks of the river, housing will be developed in those areas.
Kulaura Municipality Mayor Principal Sipar Uddin Ahmad said that the Mara Gugali Canal flowing through Uslapara-Magura and Bade Mansur areas of Kulaura Municipality has been excavated under the implementation of Water Development Board. Now beautiful roads are being constructed on both sides of the canal.