Premium holdings contributing to planned urbanisation

Md. Rowshan Al Mahmud

Economic Reporter :
Md. Rowshan Al Mahmud, a trailblazing entrepreneur, has reshaped the landscape of the real estate sector in Bangladesh.
As the founder and managing director of Premium Holdings Ltd., Mahmud’s visionary leadership has propelled the company to the forefront of the industry, offering affordable housing solutions to the masses.
Hailing from Rajshahi, Mahmud’s journey embodies the essence of perseverance and innovation. His expertise in project management, land acquisition, and customer-centric approach has cemented Premium Holdings Ltd. as a beacon of excellence in the realm of housing development.
In a recent interview with The New Nation, Mahmud elucidated the challenges and potentials inherent in the housing and real estate sectors. He emphasised the pivotal role played by the industry in catering to the burgeoning urban population and providing essential housing amenities amidst the relentless tide of urbanisation.
With unwavering determination, Mahmud said, “The rapid growth trajectory of the real estate sector underscores the need for timely government policies to ensure sustainable growth and meet the evolving housing demands of the populace.”
“It is imperative not only to receive policy support but also to address the myriad challenges faced by clients and investors,” Mahmud asserted, emphasising the importance of fostering trust and transparency within the sector.
Beyond merely providing housing spaces, Premium Holdings Ltd. is a catalyst for economic growth and employment generation, contributing significantly to the national economy, said Mahmud.
“We are dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of our clients by making homeownership a reality within their means,” Mahmud affirmed, underscoring Premium Holdings’ pledge to deliver unparalleled value and satisfaction to its clientele.
“With a strategic focus on proximity to the Purbachal government housing project, the company ensures accessibility to prime locations for its discerning customers,” added the MD.
Mahmud is acutely aware of the evolving preferences of modern homebuyers, who prioritise factors such as affordability, environmental sustainability, and access to amenities.
“Premium Holdings embraces this paradigm shift, welcoming the heightened awareness among clients regarding housing options and environmental considerations.”
“Our vision extends beyond mere housing; we aspire to offer pollution-free, eco-friendly communities with breathtaking natural vistas,” Mahmud remarked, emphasising the company’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and experiences to enrich the lives of its residents.
In addressing the pressing issue of unplanned urbanisation, Mahmud identifies two primary challenges: the influx of migrants into major cities like Dhaka and the absence of effective land development regulations. The repercussions of such unplanned growth are manifold, leading to housing crises, environmental degradation, and exacerbated public health concerns.

Despite the proliferation of high-rise buildings aimed at meeting housing demands, Mahmud acknowledges the unintended consequences, including overcrowding and environmental degradation. He points to the alarming trend of wetland encroachment, exacerbating issues such as waterlogging and pollution, which, in turn, contribute to the spread of diseases like flu and viral fever.
Mahmud laments the dearth of adequate recreational spaces and greenery in urban landscapes, highlighting the adverse impact on the physical and mental well-being of residents, particularly children. He advocates for a paradigm shift towards planned urbanisation, which not only alleviates the burden on major cities but also fosters sustainable development and improved quality of life for all citizens.