11 January 2021

Country\'s first Hi-tech dairy farm by Eon Group


Business Desk :
Agro-based business conglomerate Eon Group has established Hi-Tech Dairy Farm for the first time in Bangladesh. They bring pure breed Holstein Friesian cows from Australia to ensure safest pasteurized milk under the brand name \"Baqarah\". The milk is collected through milking without human touch and using complete online process from milking to pasteurization and pasteurization to packing.
Regarding this, Fisheries and Livestock Minister SM Rezaul Karim, inaugurated the Eon Hi-Tech Dairy Farm & Production of Baqarah Pasteurized Milk & Milk based products plant at Badargonj in Rangpur on Saturday as chief guest. Rawnak Mahmud, Secretary of the ministry, Momin Ud Dowla, Chairman and managing Director, senior officials of the company and local elites were also present at the inaugural ceremony, said a press release.
The full farm runs through hi-tech software and each cow has 3 IOT censors through which cow\'s physical conditions, food habit, milking conditions, all sorts of treatments are monitored. Also, the cows having antibiotic are identified and separated from main milking process to ensure antibiotic free milk for consumers.
Baqarah pasteurized milk ensures aflatoxin free milk through proper feed management of each cow. Aflatoxin is such kind of toxin that comes from fungi affected feed.
The company brings the pasteurized milk in two types. One is Full Cream and another one is low fat in both 500ml and 1000ml pack size.
Baqarah also brings Premium Ghee, which is made from 100 percent milk fat and also antibiotic and aflatoxin free