Public toilet over memorial named after language veteran


Ishwardi (Pabna) Correspondent :

In the 1970s, a Mukta Manch (open stage) was built on the abandoned railway site at the Ishwardi Old Bus Terminal named as ‘language soldier Mahbub Ahmed Khan Memorial Manch’.

The stage was the focal point of the Great War of Liberation and later the movement-struggle, meetings and gatherings of various political parties.

Various socio-cultural and religious events were held in this open stage.

The emotions, feelings and old memories of the people of Ishwardi are wrapped around this stage.

But in February last year, under the leadership of Pakshi Railway Divisional Manager Shah Sufi Noor Mohammad Shah Sufi, the stage and the surrounding shops were evacuated.

Local political leaders requested not to demolish the stage but it was demolished.

On February 23, 2023, the railway authorities laid the foundation stone of the modern public building at the stage named after language soldier.

The modern public toilet was inaugurated in January this year.

General Manager (GM) Western Railway Asim Kumar Talukder was the chief guest at the inaugural function.


Pakshi Railway Divisional Manager Shah Sufi Noor Mohammad along with senior railway officials were present.

It is known that on February 8 of last year, after the demolition of the Mukt Manch built in the name of language soldier Mahbub Ahmed Khan, there was a storm of criticism on social media.

The next day on February 9, political, social and cultural workers organized a protest rally under the banner of Ishwardi Conscious Youth Society to protest against the destruction of the stage.

Speakers in the rally requested to build the stage quickly.

Besides, the local public representatives also demanded to rebuild the stage.

People from all walks of life of Ishwardi are angry because the railway authorities have built public toilets without paying attention to it.

Freedom fighter ATM Shahiduzzaman Nasim said that the incident of demolishing the stage built in the name of language soldier and constructing a public toilet there is very painful.

As a valiant freedom fighter, I could not imagine such a despicable act to be seen in a free country.

Instead of constructing public toilets here, there were many abandoned railway sites nearby, toilets could have been constructed there.

I myself contacted the railway authorities and demanded to build a public toilet 50 yards away or in an abandoned railway area instead of building here but they paid no heed.