Public transport services in capital New law with a provision Tk 5 crore fine on cards

Syed Shemul Parvez :
A new law is coming in the public transport service with a provision of maximum fine of Tk 5 crore. The government is going to make this law to bring the bus route franchise system in the legal framework in the capital Dhaka and the surrounding districts.
For this, the government is going to make a law called ‘Bus Transport Services Management and Special Rights (Route Franchise) Act-2022’. The law has already been drafted. It is being drafted by the Dhaka Transport Coordinating Authority (DTCA) under the Road Transport and Highways Department.
According to the new law, Dhaka metropolitan area and adjoining Dhaka, Narayanganj, Narsingdi, Munshiganj, Gazipur and Manikganj districts will be brought under bus route franchise.
The draft of the proposed law states that no person can operate a bus service in Dhaka metropolis and adjoining areas unless he is franchised to operate a bus transport service under this Act.
The proposed draft also states that each operating company prepares an action plan for the following year and submits it to the authorities for approval. According to the law, if any management company fails to implement this action plan, administrative fine will be imposed against that company under section 33 of the law.
In this case, the amount of administrative fine will be maximum Tk 5 crore and minimum Tk 5 lakh . In the case of imposition of this fine, the procedure of imposition of administrative fine and appeal shall be prescribed by the rules after investigation. If a franchisee fails to pay the fine, the government demand under the Public Demand Recovery Act 1913 will be recoverable.
When asked about the proposed law, the Secretary of the Department of Road Transport and Highways Nazrul Islam told the media that the Dhaka Transport Coordinating Authority (DTCA) had drafted such a law. Stakeholder views will now be sought at various stages. Then there will be an inter-ministerial meeting. After that, the process of making a law will be completed and presented to the cabinet.