Purnima’s wait ends at last

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Dilara Hanif Purnima, popularly known as Purnima, is a popular actress of Bangladeshi cinema.

She has not released any new movie for quite some time.

This time the release of the new movie is going to end. ‘Ahare Jibon’, directed by country’s veteran storyteller and film director Chhatku Ahmed, has already received censor clearance.
Purnima played a central role in the story of this movie.

This is the first time Purnima has worked under the direction of Chhatku Ahmed. Popular actor Ferdous Ahmed acted opposite Purnima in this movie.

Before this, they both acted together in several movies.

Another movie they acted together is ‘Gangchil’ directed by Noim Imtiaz Neyamul.

The original story of this movie was written by politician Obaidul Quader.

Regarding talking about acting in the movie ‘Ahare Jibon’, actress Purnima told this correspondent, “Chhatku Bhai is a talented director of this country.

Acting in his movie is a new experience for me. Even at this age, he tried to make the movie with a lot of care.

During the course of my acting career, I acted in movies under the direction of many talented directors. I am soaked in the love of billions of viewers of this country.

I am really impressed with the love that the audience showers me with.


I actually act for the audience.

They were waiting for the release of my new movie for a long time.

The wait is going to end with the movie ‘Ahare Jibon’.

When the movie is released, the audience is invited to watch the movie from hall to hall.”

Earlier, Purnima presented the National Film Awards ceremony on November 14.

Prior to this, Purnima presented the National Film Award ceremony several times.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her younger sister Sheikh Rehana were also impressed by Purnima’s presentation this time.

During the stage season, Purnima is seen performing in various events, especially in big shows.

But yesterday the actress said that she has not talked to anyone related to any program for the presentation of a new show.

For now, Purnima is not acting in any new movie or drama.