Rare species turtle born in Sundarbans Breeding Center

Khulna (South) Correspondent :

33 baby turtles have seen the sunlight of the earth from the eggs of the rare species turtles named Batagur Baska in the Karomjol artificial turtle breeding center in the Sundarbans on Saturday.
The kids were hatched from 34 eggs of four aged turtles hole-nest system, a scientific method.
Earlier on March 4,2017, Batagur Baska, a kind a rare species turtle has laid 31 eggs for the first time in the artificial breeding center at Karomjol point in the east Sundarbans on Saturday night. Forest division informed the matter on Sunday night to the journalists. Forest division sources said, among the four female turtles, one laid 31 eggs for the first time. After laying the eggs, they were kept in the hole-nest with a view to hatching them in scientific methods.
It is learnt that in 2014, in order to spread the numbers of this rare species tortoise, the artificial breeding center was established at Karomjol point in the east Sundarbans. Both scientists of home and abroad are making observation and preservation works of the center. Md. Azad Kabir, officer-in-charge of Karomjol wild life breeding center said, In the last year, after collecting four full-aged turtles were released in the ponds of the Karomjol breeding center. There after, during three months they were observed by the foreign experts. However, among the four, one tortoise has laid 31 eggs on March 4, 2017. The eggs were kept in the hole- nest after removing from the bank of the pond.
Sources of the East Sundarbans forest division said, on February 5, 2017, two Batagur Baska, a kind rare species turtles from the Sub-continent of Asia were released in the Sundarbans area setting up satellite transmitters upon their backs.