‘Remembering Khalid’ today: A music evening to pay tribute to the singer


Entertainment Desk :
A solemn musical evening titled ‘Remembering Khalid’ to pay tribute to Khalid Anwar Saifullah, a prominent figure in the Bangla band music scene is set
to take place at Shoparjito Shadhinota in Dhaka University, today (April 19) from 5:00pm to 9:00pm, said a press release.
Khalid, a cornerstone of Bangladeshi band music, left behind a legacy of timeless songs like ‘Shorolotar Protima’, ‘Hoyni Jabar Bela’, and ‘Kono Karonei’.
Khalid’s lyrical prowess and melodious voice resonated deeply with generations of music lovers, making him a cherished artist in the hearts of many.
The musical evening will feature renowned figures from the 90s band music era, including esteemed lyricist and composer Maqsoodul Haque, Prince Mahmud, and popular vocalists Khan Asifur Rahman Agun, Mizan, and Ahmed Fazal, alongside members of the band, Chime.
This commemorative event is expected to attract a gathering of music enthusiasts and admirers of Khalid’s works, celebrating his contributions to the Bangla music industry.
The event will be a platform to reminisce about Khalid’s influential role in shaping Bangladeshi band music and fostering a sense of nostalgia among attendees.