Rise in price adds to Kishoreganj people’s woes


Sr. Staff Reporter, Kishoreganj :

The price of almost all daily essentials has shot up in the kitchen market, adding woes to the fixed income people who are reeling from the economic slowdown. Although the prices of various products fluctuate slightly from time to time, the market is running upwards. In full season, winter vegetables are being sold at unbridled price. It is seen that the prices of most vegetables have increased during the winter season. Besides, fish, sugar, rice, flour and pulses are being sold at high prices as before. Broiler chicken prices increased again this week in Kishoreganj’s kitchen markets.
Despite the abundance of new potatoes among the vegetables in the market, the prices are not decreasing. New potatoes are being sold at Tk 60 to 70 per kg while old potatoes are also at the same price. A kg onion is being sold tk.85 to 100.
Besides, ripe tomatoes are selling at tk. 80 to 100 per kg, bitter gourd is selling at Tk 60-70, gourd at Tk 70-80, brinjal at Tk 50-80 and papaya at Tk 30-35 per kg, green chillies are being sold at Tk. 70 to 80 Depending on the size, the price of each piece of cauliflower and cabbage is 30 to 60 taka, depending on the place, it is being sold a little more or less, 40 to 80 taka per piece depending on the size of gourd-pumpkin. Red vegetables are sold at Tk 20-30, gourd vegetables at Tk 20-30, radish at Tk 20-25, spinach at Tk 20-30, Kalmi at Tk 15-20.
Meanwhile, in the meat market, it was found that the price of broiler chicken is being sold at Tk. 190 per kg, which was Tk 175 last week. Farm chickens are being sold at slightly lower prices depending on the location. Apart from this, golden and layer chickens are being sold at Tk 280 to Tk 300 per kg depending on the type and location. However, the price of beef sold tk. 750.
Going to the fish market, it has been seen that the price of fish in the market is stable as in the previous week. Pangas is being sold at Tk 190 to Tk 210 per kg. Farmed kai and tilapia are being sold at almost the same price.
Depending on the size, the price of rui-katla is being sold at Tk 400 to Tk 600 per kg and shrimp is being sold at Tk 600 to Tk 800 per kg.
A school teacher Shefally Rahman, said that the government failed to monitor the kitchen market effectively. Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) in Kishoreganj, President Alam Sarowar Tito said strict action to control proper kitchen market monitoring and enforcement neared that could help the consumers to tolerate the crisis.