‘RMG owners play game with workers every year just ahead of Eid’


Special Correspondent :
Every year, dishonest owners of readymade garment factories cause disruptions just before Eid by withholding workers’ salaries and Eid bonuses.

Despite working long hours, these workers are consistently denied fair compensation, a prevalent issue in Bangladesh’s RMG sector throughout the year.

Experts note that some factory owners exploit workers particularly before major festivals like Eid, failing to fulfill their financial obligations. Despite intelligence reports submitted against such malpractice, relevant ministries and government departments remain inactive

In areas like Savar, Dhamrai, and Gazipur, workers from numerous garment factories stage protests demanding timely payment of wages and bonuses ahead of the upcoming Eid festival, likely to be held on April 11.

These demonstrations disrupt daily life, with streets blocked and commuters stranded until law enforcement intervenes. The enduring plight of the workers adversely affects ordinary citizens, highlighting the need for systemic reforms to address these recurring issues in the RMG industry.

Meanwhile, authorities announced the closure of a factory in Dhaka’s Dhamrai just a day before the scheduled Eid bonus distribution to workers.

The factory, Odyssey Craft Private Limited, was shut down for a day on Wednesday. The workers protested throughout the morning, demanding the factory’s reopening. Eventually, police dispersed the workers from the factory’s premises.

The incident unfolded at around 9 am near Council Bazar in Sombhag Union of Dhamrai. According to the workers, “we worked as usual yesterday.

So far as we know, the salaries of the office staff were supposed to be paid yesterday, but it was not given. Later, the staff staged a peaceful protest program inside the office demanding salary, and everyone went home after the program.

When workers arrived at the factory for work on Wednesday morning, they were not allowed to enter.”


The workers were informed by on-duty guards that the factory would remain closed that day, with operations expected to resume the following day (Thursday).

Eid bonuses were scheduled to be distributed on Thursday, yet the factory’s sudden closure the day before caught the workers off guard.

They were not informed about the closure on Tuesday, nor were they given any reason for it. Consequently, when they attempted to forcefully enter the factory to seek answers, they were met with resistance, leading to protests in front of the factory.

A factory supervisor on condition of anonymity told this correspondent that the staffs were supposed to be paid on Tuesday, but the owner did not pay.

When the workers forced their way in entering the factory they were attacked from inside the factory where at least three workers were injured.

The manager (HR and admin) of Odyssey Craft Limited Nurul Islam didn’t receive the call despite repeated attempt to get his comments.

Assistant Superintendent of Ashulia Industrial Police-1 Rashedul Bari said that the workers were supposed to be paid on Tuesday, but the authorities could not pay the salary.

“Failing to pay the salaries the owner has closed the factory for today. But the workers came to the factory and attacked.

We have motivated the workers and removed them.

Now police are deployed in front of the factory and we are trying to maintain law and order,” he said.