Runa Laila pays tribute to moms on Mother’s Day with new song


Entertainment Report :
Legendary singer of the subcontinent Runa Laila has been gracing the music industry with her melodious voice for decades, even if new songs featuring her are not as frequent.
However, a new song sung by the esteemed artiste has been released on the occasion of International Mother’s Day (May 12).
The song, which is based on the lives of helpless mothers left behind by their children, is titled ‘Ei Na Briddhashram’.
What’s more noteworthy is that this iconic artiste has lent her voice to the song alongside young musician Khairul Wasi, a collaboration not commonly seen.
The music for this special song has been composed by Khairul Wasi with Ripon Khan handling the music arrangement.
Additionally, thelyricist Al Amin Zammadar has also taken charge of directing the music video
for the song.
Speaking about the song, both the composer and vocalist, Khairul Wasi, expressed their gratitude towards Runa Laila, saying, “It’s truly a privilege to sing alongside Runa Ma’am.
I couldn’t have imagined singing with her so soon.”
“Runa Laila appreciated the song and the melody. She blessed me by placing her hand on my head and wished for me to continue doing good work,” he added. Regarding the making of the song, Al Amin Zammadar shared that the song has been crafted with social responsibility in mind, “Through this song, listeners will not only find entertainment but also receive an important social message.” The music video will be released on the AJS World YouTube channel.