Sabila Nur in three Eid dramas before leaving for Thailand


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
As a successful and popular actress, Sabila Nur, the actress of this generation, is at the peak of her acting career.
The audiences love her performance so much that Sabila Nur can work for the entire month of the director and producers if she wants to, i.e. she can be busy in shooting.
But Sabila Nur, who is determined to act only in good stories to work, waits for good stories.
She has completed three dramas before going to Thailand a few days ago from waiting.
These three dramas are: Anonno Emon’s ‘Dushito Ei Shohore’, Ragib Pial’s ‘Makrosha’ and Mursalin Shuvo’s ‘Raat Baki’.
Shamol Mawla and Sudip Kumar Dip are opposite Sabila Nur in two dramas where in a drama, performed by the theatre staff of a university.
Regarding talking about acting in three Eid dramas, Sabila Nur told this correspondent, “The stories of all three dramas are excellent in one word. Since I am waiting for a good story, I act when I get a good story. The audience will like the stories of these three dramas. Three directors have made these dramas with great care. I have tried to make my characters 100 per cent according to the character, which is always in me.”
Sabila Nur said that she will return to the country on May 22. After returning to the country, she will work in two or three Eid dramas.
In the meantime, she has acted brilliantly in the drama ‘Matsya Kanya’ directed by Alok Hasan.
The audience enjoyed her performance in this drama with her co-artiste Fazlur Rahman Babu.
Sabila Nur’s performance as versatile in this drama has brought her into the discussion.
Also, in recent times, the actress has also been praised for acting in Ananya Emon’s drama ‘Mukhomukhi Andhokar’ and Mashrikul Alam’s drama ‘Ki Bhul Chhilo’.
Sabila Nur’s last released drama opposite popular actor Apurba was Rubel Hasan’s ‘Moner Kolahol’.