Safeguarding Our Data: A National Imperative


A recent revelation by the National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre (NTMC) has exposed a critical vulnerability in our national data security.

Sensitive citizen data, including National ID details and call records, was compromised and sold through social media platforms.

This alarming breach, spanning millions of individuals across Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram groups, reveals a severe lapse in how government employees safeguard our personal information.

The NTMC’s investigation uncovered a disturbing pattern. Government officials entrusted with protecting data, specifically Farhana Yesmin (Superintendent of Police, Anti-Terrorism Unit) and Tarek Aman Banna (Assistant Superintendent of Police, Rab-6), allegedly used their credentials to access the National Intelligent Platform (NIP) for personal gain.

These actions not only constitute a data breach but also raise serious security concerns. Cybersecurity experts warn of potential identity theft, fraudulent financial activity, and other crimes that can result from such data misuse.


The NTMC’s findings point to a systemic problem. The arrest of data entry operators and low-level constables involved in the earlier data sale suggests a deeper issue within the system.

To address this, the NTMC recommends establishing a robust data security infrastructure, including dedicated Network and Security Operations Centers (NOC & SOC), platform audits, and multi-factor authentication.

While the suspension of individuals is a step in the right direction, a more comprehensive approach is necessary to regain public trust and ensure the safety of our personal information.

This data breach serves as a wake-up call for the nation, highlighting the urgent need for robust data protection mechanisms and a commitment to responsible data management by government agencies.