Salami through bKash to add vibrancy to Eid celebration


Business Desk :

The sighting of new moon brings the message of Eid and happiness. New dress, prayer, delicious food, presence of loved ones, and last but not the least exchanging salami fulfil the joy of Eid. Thanks to the advancement of technology, Eid salami now also become digital. In this regard, the country’s largest mobile financial services (MFS) provider bKash has turned into one of the preferred modes of exchanging salami in recent years. Consequently, the discussion of the slogan ‘Eid er Chand Akashe, Salami Din bKash-a’ in social media indicates the popularity of digital salami through bKash.
Naimul Karim, an official of a multinational company, said, “Salami is a big part of Eid celebration, especially for the children. In recent years, a shift has been observed in exchanging salami due to technological intervention. During Eid vacation, it is quite hard to meet all the relatives and colleagues. But it shouldn’t be a reason to deprive children from having salami! So, like previous years, I’ll send salami along with greetings card to the dearest ones through bKash no matter where they celebrate Eid.”
Like Naimul, hundreds of thousands of people are going to use bKash’s ‘send money’ service to exchange salami this year. Besides, the option of adding a greetings card for free with the salami will multiply the happiness of Eid.
Meanwhile, university student Tasnuva and her school going younger brother Fahim have made a list of relatives whom they can ask for salami. The youngster living in Chattogram, said, “Many of my uncles, aunts, cousins are living in other districts, which made it hard to meet them in person during Eid. So, as the Eid nears, we are reminding them to send salami by calling or sending messages!”
From cities to countryside, the innovative feature of sending salami from bKash app’s ‘send money’ option has gained popularity among people from all walks of life. Thus, sending salami with a greetings card has become an essential part of Eid celebration. Besides, the ‘group send money’ feature this year will further simplify salami exchange as it will allow sending salami to many people at a time.