Shabnoor becomes emotional after meeting Sohel Rana after a hiatus


Entertainment Report :
Dhaliwood’s popular heroine Shabnoor has not been
in any new movie for a long time. That’s why she
didn’t meet many fellow artistes. There is little
opportunity to meet senior artistes without any
special event. Shabnoor acted in a few movies with
the living legend actor, producer and director
of Bangladeshi cinema, Sohel Rana.
Shabnoor is a very favourite actress to Sohel Rana. Sohel Rana loves Shabnoor very much. In the meantime, Shabnoor met Sohel Rana at a picnic organised by a film related organisation near the capital recently.
Shabnoor became very emotional after meeting Sohel Rana after a hiatus. Sohel Rana also got very excited after getting Shabnoor. Shabnoor has always been very respectful towards senior artistes, which
has been seen before. The matter is still intact.
Sohel Rana told this correspondent, “Shabnoor didn’t work much with me. She is very junior to me. But yes, I love Shabnoor or her contemporaries very much. Shabnoor is very cute and talented actress. When
she was regular in acting, she used to act very well.”
Shanoor shared her feelings by this way, “Parvez Bhai (Sohel Rana) is a living legendary actor, director and producer of our country. I was lucky to work with such a talented artiste. He loves me very much. Yes,
it’s true I haven’t seen him for a long time. Seeing him after a long time, I can’t really express what I like. I sat next to him for a long time and talked. I pray
to Allah that Parvez Bhai stays healthy and well.”
It is noted that Shabnoor acted in movies
‘Dustu Chhele Misti Meye’, ‘Jibon Shimante’, and ‘Bhoyonkor Bishu’ with Sohel Rana. However,
the audience is still interested in seeing them
in the same movie because Sohel Rana still
sometimes acts in movies if he likes the story.