Shahnoor busy with election campaign after returning home


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
After spending time outside the country (USA) for almost three months, film actress Shahnoor returned to the country last Tuesday at 3:00am. While many other stars are leaving the country for the upcoming parliamentary elections, which is scheduled to be held on January 7 and they are planning to return to the country after the election.
There, Shahnoor could return to the country after the election if she wanted. But she returned to the country before the election. After returning home, the actress was busy with the campaign of Awami League’s candidate popular film actor Ferdous Ahmed in Dhaka-10 Constituency yesterday.
Film actor Ferdous was co-star of Shahnoor in many movies. He is Shahnoor’s friend. Moreover, Shahnoor has started campaigning for Ferdous as the Organising Secretary of Bangladesh Film Artistes’ Association.
Besides, Shahnoor said that she will also give time to Mashrafe Bin Mortaza and Shakib Al Hasan’s campaigns today. Shahnoor talked to both of them yesterday.
While talking in this regard, actress Shahnoor told this correspondent, “As a conscious citizen, considering my responsibility towards my country, I returned to the country before the election. After returning home, I participated in the election campaign of Ferdous with interest. Ferdous is my long-time co-artist and friend. Again, I participated in his campaign from my own position as organising secretary of Film Artistes’ Association. I want Ferdous to be elected as a Member of the Parliament. Since the Honorable Prime Minister of the country has finalized him for the Dhaka-10 seat, so the voters of Dhaka-10 constituency, the people should elect him by voting. And many prayers for the two pride of our country, Mashrafe and Shakib. They are also elected as the Members of the Parliament.”
Meanwhile, Shahnoor is not doing any new work before the election after returning to the country.
She said she will participate in new work after the election.
Meanwhile the actress played the title role in a movie called ‘Rajkumari’. Work of this movie is not finished yet.
The most notable movie of Shahnoor’s acting career was under government grant movie titled ‘Hajar Bochhor Dhore’ directed by Kohinur Akhtar Suchanda. Shahnoor was highly appreciated for playing the role of ‘Ambia’ in this movie. After that Shahnoor acted in many more commercial movies.
Meanwhile, Shahnoor also acted in Faruk Hossain’s movie ‘Kaktarua’ under the government grant, but it is doubtful whether this movie will see the light again. However, Shahnoor said that she is currently busy with all the work of making a documentary about his freedom-fighter father Syed Mozaffar Ali. He has been somewhere in this matter with the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs.
It is expected that soon Shahnoor will be able to start making a documentary about his father.