Shirin Shila busy with continuous shooting


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Popular film actress of present generation, Shirin Shila will be busy in the shooting for the entire time of this month.
In the meantime, Shila has completed shooting of Selim Reza directed web series ‘Bad Girls’, which story, dialogue and screenplay were composed by Anurup Aich.
Shirin Shila participated in the shooting of this web series for two days in Uttara, Aftabnagar and other locations of the capital.
On the first day at Uttara and on the second day at Aftabnagar, Shirin Shila completed the work for two consecutive days, then she started working on the web film ‘Shoyombor’ based on the story of Abdullah Zahir Babu. Tanim Ahmed is giving direction of this web film.
Shirin Shila said that she is playing the central role of the story in both. In the meantime, she has completed the work of the web film in Dhaka and she is currently in Hotapara of Gazipur for its shooting. After finishing the song there, Shila will again participate in the work of the sequence of the web film.
It can be said that Shirin Shila will be busy with the work of web film and web series throughout this month. After completing the work of the web film, she will do the dubbing work.
In the meantime, the director asked Shila for the shooting of the movie ‘Jajabor’ this month. But this month, Shirin Shila is so busy that she is not able to give time. She will complete other works with the movie ‘Jajabor’ next month.
While talking with Shirin Shila, she told this correspondent, “There is a song on the web film. The song is sung by Monir Khan and Dinat Jahan Munni. The song is written and composed by Kabir Bakul. I participated in the shooting of this song from early morning yesterday.”
Shirin Shila made her debut on the silver screen by acting in the movie ‘Hitman’ opposite the superstar of Bangladeshi cinema Shakib Khan. After that she was seen acting in several other movies like ‘Khoniker Bhalobasa’, ‘Mia Bibi Raji’, ‘Mon Janena Moner Thikana’, ‘Begum Jaan’, ‘Ghor Bhanga Ghor’, ‘Shesh Baji’, ‘Nodir Jole Shapla Bhashe’, etc.
Meanwhile, yesterday Shirin Shila took part in the dubbing for the ‘Bhalobasi Tomay’ where she acted opposite Kayes Arju.
It is noted that Shirin Shila also worked on the web series before this, but it was not released.
Meanwhile, Shirin Shila acted in the music video of a song titled ‘Sadarghat’ last year.
According to the actress, Shirin Shila’s father is not alive. Shila’s world of happiness is around her mother. So, she takes into consideration that mother should not suffer in any way.