Shorolipi renders song Muhin’s tune

Entertainment Report :
Many noted artistes appreciate Shorolipi’s rendering style. But Shorolipi is not satisfied with her vocal or rendering style. She believes she needs to learn more. All time she tries to develop herself. She has intention to render every new song properly. Music-lovers find a new Shorolipi in Jamal Hossain-written song titled Bhabnar Batayoney which was released on YouTube channel of Rongon Music on September 26. Its tune and music were composed by singer Muhin Khan.
While talking in this regard Muhin said, “I had believe that listeners will be impressed with Shorolipi’s this song because I found a new Shorolipi. She rendered the song outstandingly well. As a music director, I am really impressed with her rendering style.”
Shorolipi shared her feelings by this way, “Muhin Bhai has composed the song regarding adjusting the nice lyrics. I give thanks to Jamal Bhai and Muhin Bhai for the nice composition. I am getting positive response after releasing the song. My confident level has been increased by this song. It may be touching the minds of the listeners who will give their judgment now in this regard.”
Meanwhile, yesterday noon Shorolipi took part in a live show on Maasranga TV. Besides taking part in recording of RTV’s show Ei Raat Tomar Aamar this week, she will also take part in another show on BTV.