Shoshee announces news of two new serials on her birthday


Sheikh Arif Bulbon  :
Sharmin Zoha Shoshee is a versatile actress in the drama scene of Bangladesh. Hailed from Rangpur, Shoshee’s journey in media started as a Lux star.
Shoshee came to the discussion by playing the role of ‘Tuni’ in the movie ‘Hazar Bochhor Dhore’ directed by the living legend of Bangladeshi film actress Suchanda. Even after the release of the movie, many people called Shoshee as ‘Tuni’.
Of course, Shoshee acted in a few more movies, but the producers and directors could not finish those movies due to various reasons. Shoshee does not regret it. Because she is an actress, that’s why she focused on acting in one drama after another.
Today is Shoshee’s birthday. On the occasion of her birthday, she announced her two new drama serials – ‘Kushum Kotha’ and ‘Uralponkhi’.
The serial ‘Kushum Kotha’ will be aired on BTV and the serial ‘Uralponkhi’ will be aired on Maasranga TV.
The story of ‘Kushum Kotha’ serial is written and directed by talented playwright and director Matia Banu Shuku. On the other hand, the series ‘Uralponkhi’ is written and directed by Idris Haider.
Meanwhile today is Shoshee’s birthday. About her birthday and acting in two new serials, Shoshee told this correspondent, “I have played the central role in the story of two new serials. Matia Banu Shuku Apa is my favourite playwright and director. My experience working with her has always been a pleasure. She works with great care. On the other hand, Idris Haider’s work is very neat and tidy. For this reason, those of us who did his work did it with great ambition with Idris Bhai. Both these series have been very good. I am very optimistic about the work of these two new serials.”
“On the occasion of my birthday, I just want to say one thing, when the birthday comes, I remember my father very much. I miss my father very much. I want everyone to pray for my father, may Allah grant him heaven,” Shoshee also said.