Singer Porshi wants to do acting regularly

Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Popular singer of present generation Sabrina Porshi acted in a tele-fiction titled Srabon Eshechhilo Gaan Hoye, directed by Arif Khan, few years ago. Since last one decade she has been getting many offers for acting in television dramas. But Porshi did not agree to work because she couldn’t like stories and characters in those dramas. This time Porshi got a nice story for acting after many years, according
to the singer. She acted in an Eid special drama titled Maria One Piece, which was aired RTV in
last Eid-ul-Fitr.
Directed and scripted by Sajin Ahmed Babu, after airing on RTV, the drama was also aired on YouTube channel of RTV on May 6, which was watched by 7 lakh viewers till now.
After airing the drama, Porshi is getting positive response from the viewers and her fans. Viewers were impressed watching Porshi’s acting on the screen and also appreciated her performance in the drama. Porshi’s fans requested her to do acting regularly. Many viewers also said that Porshi can acting well and they believe Porshi will act better if she continues acting. Porshi is also getting response everyday for that Eid drama.
While sharing her feelings in this regard Porshi said, “In fact, I could get such response from the viewers for acting in the Eid drama which I did not understand before. I did not hope in this regard earlier. Few years ago, I acted in a tele-fiction in role of popular singer Doly Sayontoni’s younger sister. Noted play-back singer Agun was also my co-artiste in that drama. Then I got many offers for acting in television dramas. But I did not like stories and characters, so I disagreed to work in those dramas. This year RTV’s respected Ashik Bhai requested me to act in this Eid special drama. After airing the drama, I got huge response from my fans and viewers which were out of my expectation. In fact, I had to carry out story of a drama individually. This made me feared while acting in the drama. Director Babu Bhai co-operated me a lot. My mother also gave me courage during shooting. Overall, it has become a nice work which I believed. Now I want to act in good story based dramas which will remain my signature works in future.”
In last Eid, Porshi lent her voice for three songs for three dramas – Nosib, Hangor and Priyojon.