Sisimpur turns 20


Entertainment Desk :
Sisimpur, a multimedia educational initiative on early childhood development, is approaching its 20th year, marking milestones for its informative,
innovative, and witty educational approach, said a press release.

The programme, designed to promote learning among children at the pre-primary and primary levels in the areas of literacy, numeracy, health, nutrition, safety, environment, gender equity, social responsibility, mutual respect, and diversity, began its journey in 2005 with support from the American people through USAID.

Each year, April 15 is celebrated as ‘Sisimpur Day’ in commemoration of its first broadcast 19 years ago in 2005.

Targeting young Bangladeshi children and their parents, caregivers, and educators, Sisimpur’s multimedia approach has included a Television Series and digital platforms, as well as diverse outreach programs in schools and communities that empower parents and educators to use the content from the series to promote early learning.


For instance, the programme’s innovative and fun approach to education assists children in recognising letters, identifying colours from words, forming words from letters, and creating sentences from words. It also utilises tools from the surrounding environment to help children recognise different shapes, colours, and names of objects.

Moreover, Sisimpur has been working on internet safety for children for several years now. Currently, the 16th season of Sisimpur in Bangladesh is being aired on four television channels: Duronto TV, RTV, Maasranga TV and Boishakhi TV. However, since its inception, Sisimpur’s uninterrupted broadcast on Bangladesh Television for the past 19 years is noteworthy, a result of the efforts of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, and Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

Sisimpur Bangladesh aims to fulfil the initial educational needs of children aged three to eight years. It focuses on the holistic development of children through language, mathematics, environment, healthy and nutritious food, health safety, disaster preparedness, discussion on savings, planning, and Bangladesh’s arts, culture and heritage.