Song after song, Luipa becomes favourite artiste of the audience


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Among the artistes of this
generation in Bangladesh, in the last decade, Zinia Zafrin Luipa has made a special position for herself by continuously singing melodious songs to the audience.
Luipa has won the hearts of the audience by rendering sometimes movie songs, sometimes modern songs, sometimes popular songs of old days and sometimes own original songs in Dhaka and outside the capital, and also outside the country.
She proved her vocal charisma in popular music reality show, ‘Shera Kontho’ of 2010. In that competition, she was left out at one stage. But after rendering the playback song titled ‘Payer e Nupur Amar Jadu Jane’ of ‘Devdas’ movie, which was originally rendered by the renowned vocalist of the subcontinent Runa Laila, made her able to join the competition again. That Runa Laila later heard Begum Akhtar’s song titled ‘Jostna Korechhe Aari’ in Luipa’s voice and then called her and praised Luipa’s rendering style. Where the whole world was fascinated by Runa Laila’s rendering style, Runa Laila was fascinated by Luipa’s rendering style. Not only but also Runa Laila gave her tune in Luipa’s voice. The song was titled ‘Ei Dekha Shesh Dekha’ written by late Gazi Mazharul Anwar which was released by Dhruba Music Station (DMS).
The song titled ‘Gentleman’ is the most popular among the original songs released by Luipa.
In addition, the song titled ‘Rongila Hawa’ rendered in Luipa’s voice has also received a lot of response from the audience.
Now is the season of stage shows. Luipa is very busy this season. She is doing regular shows in Dhaka and outside Dhaka. Last December 10, Luipa spread fascination among the audience by singing songs in a stage show in Purbachal of Dhaka. She is very busy in the days after Valentine’s Day.
Luipa has spent more than a decade in the world of music professionally. And at this time, she has become one of the favourite artistes of this generation.
While talking in this regard, Luipa told this correspondent, “I am always overwhelmed by the love of the audience. While singing songs in different parts of the country, the affection and love that I see around me from everyone makes me feel a lot of emotions. My acquaintance with them is only through singing songs, there is no other relationship beyond that. But wherever I went, I got the highest respect. I also tried to listen to my heart while respecting them. I want to move forward song by song with this love of the audience.”
It is mentioned that in 2014, 2015, 2018 and 2023, Luipa was awarded the Best Musician awards by various organisations.