Srabony Shayantony serenades playback song


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :

Srabony Shayantony is studying music at Visva Bharati University in India. That’s why she has to stay in India almost the whole time of the year. She came to the country on the occasion of Pahela Baishakh.
After coming to the country and finishing a few consecutive shows, Srabony Shayantony again went to Visva Bharti University.
In the meantime, the movie ‘Dead Body’ has been released after Eid.
Srabony Shayantony sang the playback song ‘Janre’ in the movie.
Salauddin Sagor wrote lyrics of the song, while FA Pritom has composed its tune. SK Sagor Shan has composed music of the song. Pritom Kumar has sung a duet with Srabony Shayantony in this playback song.
The song became a favourite of the audience after its release on YouTube. Srabony’s original song has been popular even before. But this song of the movie is much more melodious in her voice. That’s why the audience has a different love for the song.
While talking in this regard, Srabony Shayantony told this correspondent, “Since I am not in the country at the moment, I did not have the opportunity to go and watch the movie in the cinema hall. If not, I would go to the cinema hall with my mother and watch the movie because I really wanted to watch the depiction of my song on the big screen. I will return home next month. But I don’t think the movie will run until then. However, as far as I have seen on YouTube, the filming of the song has been quite good. I like those who acted in lip-synched in the song. It is natural to like my own music. But many say the song is very good. This is one of my favourite songs, which I listen to many times every day. Those who have not heard the song yet, they can listen. I believe they will like the song.”