Sunamganj villagers suffering from broken road, bridge


UNB, Sunamganj :

The only road and bridge connecting Baliaghat Notun Bazar to Tahirpur Sadar and Boro Badaghat Bazar in Tahirpur Upazila of Sunamganj have become entirely impassable due to lack of repair.

Residents of 20 villages in the upazila are compelled to risk their lives crossing the dilapidated road and bridge that remained unrepaired since the last year’s flood.

The bridge situated in front of Khalshajuri Primary School along the road connecting Baliaghat New Market to Kaukandi Bazar and Badaghat Bazar has completely collapsed.

The lack of renovation of the road and bridge has forced local residents, including school and madrasa students, to cross the broken bridge, putting them at constant risk of accidents, said local people.

Motorcycle and autorickshaw drivers carrying passengers are particularly vulnerable to accidents on the damaged bridge.

Locals said during the last flood, the waves of Haor waterflow caused extensive damage to both sides of the road.

Residents of the area have voiced their frustration over the prolonged inaction regarding the repair of the bridge and road.

They have collectively demanded that the government take immediate action to rebuild the broken bridge and road to make those suitable for use.


Local resident Nurul Amin said that the bridge and road sustained significant damage during the last flood, but no repairs have been undertaken since then.

“Last year, some soil was provided under the Haor Protection Dam construction.

However, when the monsoon rains brought in floods, the bridge and the road collapsed.

Subsequently, locals resorted to using bamboo sticks to makeshift repairs, allowing for some form of movement,” he said.

Despite these efforts, autorickshaw and motorcycle drivers carrying passengers frequently encounter accidents on this unstable bridge.

Some students expressed their dismay over the poor condition of the road and bridge.

Motorcyclist Gafur Mia expressed his frustration saying, “We depend on motorcycles for our livelihood.

We don’t want to ride on broken roads.

But we are forced to drive. Accidents occur here every few days while driving on broken the road and the bridge.”