Tanzika Amin hasn’t stopped, busyness has doubled


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Tanzika Amin has been seen in both dramas and movies in her career
of two decades. But she has never spent such a busy time like now. She was on break for a few years. After that she returned to work
and checkmated again.
This popular actress made a comeback last year with ‘Mohanagar-2’ series. After that, Tanzika is having a very busy time. Let’s say, she can’t get enough breath. The actress talks to The New Nation about her current affairs, works and personal matters.
At the beginning of the conversation, Tanzika Amin said that she has been physically ill for a few days. She told this correspondent, “I’m going to have a bit of a busy time. Because of which I got a little sick. Blood pressure is very high. I can’t do it at the pressure control. I have been running to the hospital with high cholesterol for a few days and still trying to continue meetings and work. I have been participating in the shooting of the movie for the last two days. Again my work increased than before. It feels good that good work offers are coming. And I can stay connected with good works. Most of the works that are coming to me are for the big screen, that is, movies.”
In the meantime, the question was put to Tanzika, what is the update of the new installment of the series with which she made a successful comeback, when will the audience get ‘Mohanagar-3’, Mitu, i.e. Tanzika Amin, answered such questions like the OC of the series, Harun. Tanzika said, “Only two people can tell the update of ‘Mohanagar-3’ – one is Allah, and two is Ashfaque Nipun, director of the series.”
Regarding the recent works, Tanzika Amin said, “I have done several works. Now I am just waiting for the release of those works. In addition, new work offers are coming almost every day, I am having meetings. These are either for OTT platforms or movies. So far I can say that I will be in front of the audience all the time. I will release three works in the next three months. One in this month, one in March, then one in April and a horse whose work I finished long ago. Among these, I will be involved in several new works.”
This Lux star actress gave some ideas about three projects in three months.
She told this correspondent, “A web film will be released this month (February) titled ‘Omimangshito’. Directed by Raihan Rafi, this web film has been made for i-Screen. Rumour has it that this web film is based on the much-discussed muder of journalist couple Sagor-Rooney. Here I have played the role of journalist Nilu. In this web film, Imtiaz Barshon played the role of my husband whose character is journalist Arnab.”
Meanwhile, Tanzika’s another web film titled ‘Criminals’ is on the list for release in March. Farhad Ahmed made this web film of the crime thriller genre in the story of the lives of three women. Tanzika Amin will be seen in the role of a criminal in Deepto OTT Play’s film. Besides, another web series of her titled ‘Kal Purush’ may be released in April. This web series is directed by Salzar Ahmed.
Tanzika Amin said, “I am not doing a drama, I have reduced it, it is not like that at all. I am doing acting in dramas, as well as working in OTT platforms and films.”
This actress has shown herself in various matriarchal roles. The audience is taking it seriously.
While talking in this regard, Tanzika shared her feelings by this way, “That’s the challenge and that’s the job of the performers. There must be some X-factors. It’s not just me; all of us actors have an X-factor. Living from one character to another and portraying it accurately. I quite enjoy the subject. As everyone else does, so do I. There is no extra magic here. The audience is giving love, receiving little.”
Meanwhile, In personal life, Tanzika Amin is single now. However, she said that she can give any good news at any time.
“I am single now. I am fine, enjoying a hassle-free life. I have marriage pressure from home. I am willing to get married. It can happen at any time. This year we saw the marriage of many of our loved ones, it felt very good. I can give good news this year or next year,” said the actress.