Tareen, Shajal pair up in story of an urban family based drama


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Tareen Jahan is a popular actress
in the drama scene of Bangladesh. Her performance is now enjoyed
by the audience with great interest because she is so lively and natural in acting that it seems that the
character Tareen is playing becomes a real character to the audience.
One of the reasons why the directors are still interested in working with Tareen is that she acts 100 per cent according to the character. That’s why the directors who cast her are sure that it is going to be a good work. Director Rubel Hasan’s case is exactly the same. A few days ago, based on a story written by Akbar Haider Munna, Rubel Hasan made a special drama titled ‘Aamar Songsar’ on the screenplay of Mezbah Uddin Sumon for
a YouTube channel on the
occasion of Valentine’s Day.
Tareen Jahan and Abdun Noor Shajal acted together after a break for several days in this drama.
Both of them were recently seen acting in the same movie titled ‘1971 Shei Shob Din’, directed by Hridi Huq. Last Friday this movie was released again in the theatres. Tareen and Shajal lastly acted in
a drama directed by Alvi Ahmed.
While talking about working with Tareen again after a break, Shajal told this correspondent, “Tareen Apa is one of my favourite actresses. Talking about her, it is actually not possible to express all the feelings in very few words. She is a very talented performer. There should be a series of stories about artistes like Tareen Apa because they love acting. They want to
be regular in acting. As a person, Tareen Apa is a very good hearted person. Her presence on the set means that the full unit has a
different focus on the whole work. Because of that the output of the work is also much better. Tareen Apa’s care and love for everyone on the set, especially the artistes, is like a family. I always feel comfortable to act with her. Acting with her in the drama ‘Aamar Songsar’
I learned something new. I believe the audience will like our on-screen chemistry in the drama.”
Meanwhile, Shajal said that he will work on a new content for an OTT platform from February 15.
Director Rubel Hasian said, “Aamar Songsar’ is a drama of
family story. I have chosen such a story to make the drama out of an attempt to do something different.”
Syithia Yasmin, Saidur Rahman Pavel, Mili Bashar, child artiste Muntaha and many others
also acted in the drama.
Meanwhile, Tareen Jahan has already purchased and submitted the nomination form for the reserved women seat from Awami League. Many are hoping that
this time Tareen can become
a Member of the Parliament
from the reserved seat.