TCB fails to unload 90 tonnes of imported onions at Benapole


UNB, Benapole :

Amid surging prices of onions throughout the country, 90 tonnes of onions are waiting to be unloaded after imports from India through Benapole port five days ago.

Due to the long time remaining in the truck, the onions have already started to rot, said the port authority.


Benapole Quarantine Plant Monitoring Officer Hemanta Kumar Sarkar said that on December 5, the Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) imported 90 tonnes of onion, but the onion shipment has not been unloaded yet.

Santosh Mondal, an Indian truck driver who brought onions, said that he has been waiting at Benapole port for the last five days with onion trucks. The onions are getting rotten, but none is coming to unload.

Rezaul Karim, director of Benapole port, said 90 tonnes of onions imported by the TCB remained in the port for the last five days.