They sing original songs with lyrics, tunes of Fahmida Nabi

From left to right (back row): Sohel, Pilu and Shakil; from left to right in the front row - Shakila, Fahmida, Shammi, Fahmida Nabi, Rabu and Falguni.

Entertainment Report :
Fahmida Nabi’s journey of ‘Karigori’ (voice grooming school) started almost 18 years ago. After grooming their voices from this ‘Karigori’, some artistes were inspired by Fahmida Nabi’s songs to release their own original songs based on Fahmida Nabi’s lyrics and tunes.
The song ‘Sei Tumi’ will be released in the voice of Shakil with the lyrics and tunes of Fahmida Nabi.
Therefore, in voice of Pilu the song ‘Jodi Tomar Akash Amar Akash Ek Hoto,’ in voice of Shammi the song ‘Brishtir Sathe Ratri Ghumak’, in voice of Fahmida the song titled ‘Hote Chai Roud’, in voice of Falguni the song titled ‘Keno Je Eka Lage Na Valo’, in voice of Shakila titled ‘Kotha Jome Achhe’, in voice of Rabu the song ‘Bhalobasa Tomake’, and in voice of Sohel the song titled ‘Bibagi E Mon’ will be released with the lyrics and tunes of Fahmida Nabi.
Fahmida Nabi informed that before Eid-ul-Azha, all these songs will be released on ‘Anmol Presents’ YouTube channel. Composer and music director Borno Chakraborty completed all the songs before his untimely demise.
Fahmida Nabi told this correspondent, “They sang by making themselves confident by grooming their voice from the ‘Karigori’. In my opinion, they all sing very well. The songs in everyone’s voice have created a different kind of swoon. Since the songs are written by me and also composed by me, I can say that the voice of the person for whom I wrote the song is perfect. Everyone has sung with so much heart that I am impressed by listening to everyone’s song. But it has to be said that everyone has an absolute love for music, because they cherish the music within themselves, they have been able to sing so beautifully. I always like to believe that if one has concentration in any task then he will succeed in hundred percent. My best wishes to those who sang from ‘Karigori’. I would be very happy if Borno were alive today. We wish his soul peace.”
Fahmida Nabi also said that Ashik Mahmud produced the music videos of all the songs.
Meanwhile, Fahmida Nabi believes that if these songs are released in the voices of artistes written and composed by her, a new group of artistes will be known in the music arena of Bangladesh.
She also believes that any composer, music director can use these artistes in modern songs or movie songs.