This time Tanjika Amin as criminal in web film

Entertainment Report :
Tanjika Amin has been working
in media for almost two decades. However, after the release of Ashfaq Nipun’s ‘Mahanagar 2’ web series at the beginning of this year, Tanjika came into the limelight. Her performance as Divya Jyoti’s elder sister Mitu impressed
everyone. This Tanjika became
the ‘Apa’ of common netizens starting from showbiz fans.
Since then, the engagement
of this actress on the web has increased. Recently Tanjika
completed the shooting of the web film ‘Criminals’. In this movie, she played the role of a criminal.
Farhad Ahmed is making this crime thriller based web film ‘Criminals’ about the stories
that happened in the lives
of three women.
University student named Chumki Akhter, ordinary housewife Nila Bose and working mother Bithi Rahman, three women of three ages from three corners of the city have come together with a common goal, for which they have to break the law, become criminals.
Rukaiya Jahan Chamak, Neel Hurrejahan, Abu Huraira Tanveer, Irfan Sajjad, Shahriar Rana, etc
also acted in the web film along with Tanjika Amin.
Director Farhad Ahmed told this correspondent, “The movie is being made with the story of three women. Once they got involved with crime. In one day, the tension of life, on the other hand, many obstacles. Yet they meet their goals. Can Chumki, Neela and Beethi
fulfill their goals and return to normal life in the end? Or as a
criminal to carry the criminal identity for life? We have to wait for the release of the web film
to know these things.”
Produced by Alpha-i Studio, the movie will release at least on OTT platform, Deepto Play next year.