Trade cannot be delinked from other issues: Pakistan


PTI, Islamabad :
Pakistan Sunday indicated trade cannot be delinked from other contentious issues in the composite dialogue with India as it sought an “uninterrupted and uninterruptible” process to make peace more sustainable.
“You cannot deal with the situation in isolation. Even if there is a strong desire on both sides to move faster on one track, (like the) trade track…we have seen if something happens, if there is a snag or some incident happens, everything comes to a standstill,” Foreign Office spokesperson Tasnim Aslam told PTI.
She was responding to a question on whether trade could be delinked from other issues that have hit bilateral ties since independence.
“That is why Pakistan has been for a long time now talking about a process on all tracks (that is) uninterrupted and uninterruptible,” she said.
Both sides have to talk on the whole spectrum of issues and all problems to make the peace process more sustainable, she added.
“That is because various strands feed into the other. The positivity feeds into each other. Process becomes sustainable. Realistically, you will have to have a holistic movement.”