TV actress Tahmeena Sultana Mou first time in movie


Sheikh Arif Bulbon :
Tahmeena Sultana Mou, a long-time media professional, has appeared in many dramas, serials, and also performed as a model in television commercials, as well as dancing. Last Eid, she was also seen dancing in a programme.
However, this is the first time in her acting career that Tahmeena Sultana Mou will be seen acting in a movie.
In her long time acting career, this is the first time Mou has come to her in the story of the movie. She likes her character and the whole story,
so she agreed to act in the movie. Sohel Arman’s new movie ‘Songbad’ that
Mou is going to act.
Although Mou did not get the full script of the movie, she liked hearing the story from director Sohel Arman and knowing about her character. That is why she is going to work in this movie.
Mou hopes to get the script in hand in two to three days.
Regarding talking about acting in the movie for the first time, Tahmeena Sultana Mou told this correspondent, “After a long career in acting, this is the first time I have been offered to act in a movie.
I am really happy to hear the story and characters. Moreover, Sohel Arman Bhai is a member of the film family. He has also produced movies before this. All in all, it seemed that I could work in the movie ‘Songbad’. And after a few days the shooting of the movie will start. I am preparing myself to play the role. I am preparing myself to play the role. I hope my first movie of acting career will be better than expected for my fans. Because I believe that if Sohel Bhai makes it exactly as he said, it will be accepted by the audience.”
Meanwhile, Tahmeena Sultana Mou is regularly acting in popular ongoing drama serial ‘Golmaal’ directed by Kaiser Ahmed and another ongoing serial ‘Cheater & Gentleman’ directed by Sanjit Sarkar.
Therefore, Mou is playing an important role in the ongoing drama series ‘Bokulpur Season-2’ on Deepto TV. But as the importance of her character gradually decreased there, Mou said that she removed herself from that serial.