US supports free, fair elections

Staff Reporter  :
The United States has reiterated that they support the free and fair election in Bangladesh, scheduled to be held on January 7.

Since the imposition of the visa restriction policy on every Bangladesh individual, the US has been continuing its voice for hold peaceful and credible elections where voters can cast their votes without any intimidation.

During a briefing in the State Department on Tuesday, the Spokesperson Mathew Miller said, “We support a free and fair election in Bangladesh.”

Drawing attention to the recent comment from the Russian Foreign Ministry which stated if the election result in Bangladesh is not satisfactory for the United States, attempt can be made to destabilise Bangladesh like Arab Spring.

Miller, however, did not make any comment about the question.
He was also asked for a comment about the recent arson attack on a train which killed three people.


He said, “I’m just not familiar with that specific incident and don’t have a comment on it.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova in a statement on last Friday said, “There are serious reasons to fear that in the coming weeks, an even broader arsenal of pressure tactics, including sanctions, may be used against the Bangladesh government, which is unfavourable to the West.”

“In the event of US dissatisfaction with the results of the people’s vote, attempts at further destabilisation of the situation in Bangladesh along the lines of the Arab Spring are likely,” she further said.

The US government, however, did not show any reaction to such comments though in the previous instances the US had reacted against such statement sooner or later.