Victory Month December Ramgarh Free Day today


Ramgarh (Khagrachhari) Correspondent :

Ramgarh was liberated from Pak army on 8th December. The young people became insane with the joy of victory. After the liberation of the enemy, intoxicated with the joy of victory, the people crossed the border Fenindi River and ran from the subroom to Ramgarh.
Asokananda Rayvardhan, a well-known columnist and researcher from Tripura, shared these memories in a virtual conversation about the feelings of the people of sub-division in Ramgarh subdivision of South Tripura district of India during the Liberation War in 1971. Displaced people of Bangladesh keep coming. In the first two weeks, 10-15 thousand refugees took refuge here. 30-35 thousands in the next three weeks. At the end of 2 May, the Pak army took possession of Ramgarh and set fire to the police station, hospital, Ramgarh Bazar and other houses along the border. The people of the sub-room could not sleep because of the flames of the fire in Ramgarh that night.
Describing the sentiments of the people of Sabroom on the news of Ramgarh being liberated from the enemy, he said that the Pak army fled from Ramgarh on the afternoon of December 8 and the freedom fighters and the liberated people flew the Bangladesh flag at Ramgarh that day. From noon on that day, an atmosphere of great joy prevailed in the whole subroom.
Jamalpur Correspondent adds: December 8 is the Free Day of Melandha Upazila in Jamalpur. Abdul Karim, Commander of Alam Company on this day in 1971; declared the enemy free by hoisting the national flag at Umir Uddin Pilot High School ground.
Different social, cultural and political organisations will arranged several programmes including cultural events, placing wreaths at the Liberation Monument, essay competition and so on. Melandah Police Station OC Jonab Ali’s 47 allied forces surrendered. Everyyear Melandha Free Day is celebrated with due dignity.
In the encounter between the Pak army and the freedom fighters at Mahmudpur poila Bridge, 12 Pak soldiers and 8/10 people including freedom fighter Ramiz and Shahid Samar were killed in the brush fire of freedom fighter Yusuf Ali.