‘Volunteers should come forward against climate change’


Staff Reporter :
Speakers at a discussion have said that volunteers should come forward to help people as Bangladesh is at risk of climate change and the coastal areas are disaster prone to various natural disasters including cyclones.

They came up with the remarks at a discussion on the occasion of ‘International Volunteer Day-2023’ organized by Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), Bangladesh at the Senate Hall of Dhaka University on Tuesday.

DU Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr ASM Maksud Kamal said, “The mentality of giving concessions to people is the greatest volunteerism. A beautiful country should be prepared in the future for the youth through volunteering.”

“The country needs to change in volunteer work. Volunteers in this country have saved many lives through volunteering in the past. Volunteers risked their lives to save people and around 2 million people are doing voluntary work in Bangladesh,” he added.

Khabirul Haque Kamal, Country Director of VSO, said, “Our 50,000 volunteers are working across the county.

To build a beautiful country, volunteers must come forward. If all the volunteers work together, it is possible to take the country to a place of prosperity.


We always try to give positive motivation to those who are doing voluntary work.”

“The government is supporting the volunteers in various ways.

We hope volunteers will get more work opportunities.

To tackle sustainable development and climate change, we must work together, and now is the time to act.

We want to make Bangladesh a sustainable developing country. VSO Bangladesh is working on sales,” he added.