Biden's letter to Hasina: ‘What will BNP say now?’ asks AL


Staff Reporter :
In a significant development in international relations, US President Joe Biden has extended a letter of commitment to collaborate with Bangladesh across various sectors, including the economy. This announcement has prompted a pointed response from Obaidul Quader,

the general secretary of the Awami League and the Minister of Road Transport and Bridges in Bangladesh, who directed a question towards the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP): “What will BNP say now?”

During a press interaction at the Awami League President’s office in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Quader criticized the BNP leadership for their absence and evasion, questioning the source of their confidence in regaining power. He emphasized, “The people have already distanced themselves from you. Your international allies have also turned their backs. The US has now pledged to work alongside Sheikh Hasina’s government. What hope does the BNP have for returning to power?”

Quader also expressed concern over the recent conflicts near the Myanmar border, where violence has forced citizens from several Bangladeshi villages to flee.

The ongoing internal conflict in Myanmar, resulting in gunfire and mortar shells landing within Bangladeshi territory, has prompted communication between the foreign ministries of Bangladesh and Myanmar.

“The conflict is Myanmar’s internal issue, but its resolution should ensure that the panic does not spill over to neighbouring countries,” Quader added, mentioning the potential role of the United Nations in mediating a solution.


Addressing the issue of Rohingya refugees amid Myanmar’s continued unrest, the minister firmly stated that Bangladesh would not show leniency in accepting more refugees: “We cannot bear this burden anymore.”

In response to a question about negative activities within the student wing of the ruling party at Jahangirnagar University, Quader emphasized Awami League’s zero tolerance for misconduct. “Not everyone in a party can be virtuous, but we do not condone wrongdoing.

Any criminal activity should be dealt with according to the law. No one has been spared for committing crimes while we are in power,” he asserted.

The meeting was attended by Awami League’s Organisational Secretary BM Mozammel Haque, SM Kamal Hossain, and other central and metropolitan leaders.

The extension of cooperation from the United States signals a significant diplomatic development for Bangladesh, while the questions raised by the Awami League bring the domestic political scenario into sharper focus.