Winner after 2 years thru’ recounting


Barishal Correspondent :

After recounting, defeated candidate became winner through recounting of votes after two years. Asaduzzaman Khalifa of Bakal union of the Agoiljhara upazila was declared winner in the polls results rigged in the counting earlier. Winner Asaduzzaman Khalifa’s lawyer Azad Rahman confirmed the matter on Monday.
He said Asaduzzaman Khalifa was elected UP member in the recount of votes in the court two years after the Union Parishad elections in the upazila under Barishal district.
Judge Hasibul Hasan of Barishal Senior Assistant Judge Court gave the verdict on Sunday (January 4) late afternoon.
It is known that on November 11, 2021, three candidates contested for the post of general member of Ward No. 1 of Bakal Union of Upazila. They are Mamun Paik, Asaduzzaman Khalifa and Lal Mia Paik.
After voting in the BHP Academy center of thatupazila , the presiding officer of the center was the Upazila Cooperative Officer Kamruzzamandeclared football symbol candidate Asaduzzaman Khalifa declared 1189 votes, apple marker candidate Lal Mia Paik 1 vote and rooster marker candidate Mamun Paik 1280 votes and declared Mamun Paik as the winner.
Challenging the declared result, the defeated candidate Asaduzzaman Khalifa applied for a recount in the court as per the rules on January 4, 2022.
Advocate Azad Rahman, who handled the case, said that Asaduzzaman Khalifa got 1172 votes and Mamun Paik got 1135 votes in the recount of the court’s votes. In the end, the court ruled to declare Asaduzzaman Khalifa as the winner of UP chairman. Candidates Mamun Paik and Asaduzzaman Khalifa were present in the court during the counting of votes.
Asaduzzaman Khalifa said that Mamun Paik, the candidate with local influence in the election, is the presiding officer of the center upazila cooperative officer Kamruzzaman declared me as defeated by influence of local pressure and I protested against that in the court.
After 2 years 2 months 22 days the court after recounting declared me as winner after recounting the votes, he added.