Winter veg prices remain abnormally high

Broiler chicken, egg prices go up again


Staff Reporter :
A variety of winter vegetables, including cabbage, cauliflower, tomato, brinjal, radish, hyacinth bean, bottle gourd, pea, and radish are now available in the market as the season is at its peak.

However, consumers must quest across the market to buy vegetables priced under Tk 60 on this list although the prices decreased slightly at the beginning of winter.

The prices of some vegetables, including beans, gourd and brinjal, have increased by up to Tk 30 per kg than the last week. Besides, the average prices of almost all types of vegetables have increased by Tk 10-20 per kg.

The price hikes of vegetables along with potatoes, onions, eggs, and broiler chicken are hitting the common people’s pockets.

They hoped that the prices of vegetables would drop with its glut during the winter season. But in fact, their prices shot up in the market.

People concerned said rainfall disrupted vegetable production in Khulna, Rajshahi and Rangpur regions, resulting in a fall in supply.

Transport costs also increased because of hartal and blockade. High price of potatoes also affected vegetable prices.

Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) collects data on the prices of 16 types of vegetables every day. According to them, the prices of eight vegetables have increased and only two have decreased in the last week.

Gourd was selling at Tk 60-70 per piece last week. Its price increased by Tk 30 this week and was being sold at Tk 80-100 per piece in the capital’s kitchen market on Thursday.


Visiting the kitchen markets in the capital’s New Market, Shantinagar, Shajahanpur and Malibagh on Friday it is seen that the beans, one of the most-selling vegetables in the winter season, were sold at Tk 60-80 a kg on Thursday, which was Tk 50-70 per kg last week.

The price of potato has increased by Tk 20 per kg and the price of cabbage has risen by Tk 10-20 per piece to Tk 60-70.

Bangladesh Kachamal Aroth Malik Samity President Md Emran Master informed that the prices of vegetables are high this time compared to other times. However, there is no significant shortage in supply of vegetables. Transport cost increased slightly due to blockade.

On the other hand, broiler chicken was Tk 170 – 175 a few days ago which now stands at Tk 200 per Kg . Similarly, the price of golden chicken has increased. Earlier, the rate was Tk 260-270 per kg which being sold at the rate of Tk 300 – 320.

The price of farm chicken eggs also shot up with Tk 140 per dozen.

At fish markets, Rui and Katla were being sold at the rate of Tk320-500 per kg depending on the size. Cultivated koi was at Tk280, but local koi was Tk600-800. Besides, pabda was Tk380, tilapia Tk250 and pangas Tk200 per kg. Beef were sold at Tk 600-650 a kg.

Sharmin Jahan came to the capital’s New Market kitchen market to purchase essentials. She told The New Nation that prices of rice, onion, garlic, ginger and edible oil have long been high.

Generally, vegetable prices remain low during winter, but this year no signs are yet to be seen. Hence, the price of broiler and sonali chicken along with firm eggs is rising in recent days.