12th National Parliament Elections: Women candidates including independent double in number


City Desk :
The number of women candidates has witnessed a notable increase in the upcoming 12th National Parliament elections.

In comparison to the previous elections in 2018, the current participation of women candidates is nearly double.

This year, a substantial proportion of women candidates are choosing to run as independents as well.

The elections are slated to take place on 7 January, adhering to the schedule.

Political parties participating in the elections have already disclosed their candidates, reports media.

As per the Election Commission (EC) list, a total of 17 political parties and 133 women candidates have submitted their nomination papers. Notably, a transgender woman has also joined the list of candidates this time.

Among the total candidates in the upcoming elections, women constitute 4.88 per cent. However, the EC has canceled the candidacy of 37 individuals.

Many of these candidates have initiated appeals to the EC against the cancellation of their candidatures.

In the 11th National Assembly elections, 69 women contested.


With the exclusion of the canceled candidates, there are currently 96 women candidates.

This number may increase if the candidates’ appeals result in reinstatement.

The Awami League emerges as the party with the highest number of candidates among political parties, putting forward 24 women. Notably, the party has introduced two new female candidates.

However, the candidacy of Shammi Ahmed, nominated for the first time by Awami League for the Barishal-4 constituency, has been canceled due to her dual citizenship.

In a noteworthy trend among women candidates, a maximum of 48 have declared their election bids as independents, although the candidature of 27 of them has been cancelled.

The EC cited reasons for rejecting independents’ candidatures, stating that most lacked the required signatures of 1 per cent of voters and provided incorrect voter information.

The Bangladesh Congress, participating in the elections for the first time, has seen 11 women candidates collecting nomination papers. Unfortunately, the candidature of three of them has been cancelled.

The group secured its registration in September 2019.