World Human Dignity Day observed in Sylhet


Sylhet Bureau :

On the occasion of World Human Dignity Day and International Human Rights Day, Sylhet District Branch Dalit and Deprived People’s Rights Movement organized a human chain at Court point Sylhet city on Tuesday.
under the chairmanship of Swapan Kumar Rishi Das and vice-president Motilal Valmiki as part of the central committee of the city on the occasion of World Human Dignity Day and International Human Rights Day. Acting general secretary Rinku Vishwas, members Sachindra Rishi, Shyamal Das, Kumdeni Rishi, Nanka Ravi Das, Kanak Rani Pal, Anant Kumar Rishi spoke at the human chain.
Speakers in the human chain said that proportional representation of the Dalit community should be ensured in the general and reserved seats in the National Parliament. The Discrimination Bill-2022 presented in the National Parliament to prevent caste and professional discrimination should be passed immediately. The national budget should specifically increase the allocation under the social security program for the Dalit community. Housing should be provided for the Dalit population in all cities and municipalities and the land rights of rural Dalits should be ensured through allotment of Khasami. Honorable Prime Minister Deshratna Sheikh Hasina and Divisional Commissioner of Sylhet emphasized to the Deputy Commissioner of Sylhet .
Sage Niyarchan, Rabindra Rishi, Uttam Rishi, Vijay Rishi, Kanta Ravi Das, Amrit Lal Rishi, Shepali Rishi, Soumitra Rani Rishi, Pink Rishi, Poppy Rishi, Shibu Rishi, Lipi Rani Dev, Jagadish Chandra Pal, Rakhali De were present. , Sadhana Rani Pal, Devesh Rishi also attend here.